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Almost everyone has some type of debt these days. Having a credit card is not optional for most, and it is well known how quickly and easily the amount owed can snowball. Medical debt after an emergency or serious illness can become crippling very quickly, and there is little anyone can do to prevent this from happening. Debt can build up to a point where it becomes insurmountable before you know what is happening. Fortunately, Chapter 13 can provide you with a path to a new, debt-free life.

Blossom Law PLLC is experienced in helping individuals, families, and small businesses restructure their debts and keep their assets through Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We will work tirelessly to help you arrive at a solution to debt that works for you. Our goal is to get you on the right path to debt forgiveness so that you can get the fresh start you deserve.

Concord Attorney for Stopping Collections With a Bankruptcy Filing

One of the first benefits you will see after filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that all efforts by your creditors to collect on your debts will come to a stop. Almost as soon as we file, the court will issue a stay on collections efforts while your case is in the courts. If you are currently at high risk for having your home foreclosed on or your vehicle repossessed, then using Chapter 13 may be the best - or only - way to stop these things from happening.

Legal Help During the Cabarrus County Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Process

Another huge benefit of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that you will not have your assets liquidated. None of your property will be taken from you and sold to partially satisfy your debts. If one of your goals is to keep your assets while obtaining long-term debt relief, then it may be in your best interest to choose Chapter 13 bankruptcy over Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Blossom Law PLLC will arm you with all the information you need to come to the right decision.

You can think of Chapter 13 bankruptcy as more of a consolidation and restructuring process. The benefit is that you avoid liquidation, but the tradeoff is that you will need to keep making payments towards your debt for three to five years.

Instead of juggling a handful of different creditors, you will only be making one monthly payment. To be fair, these monthly payments can be steep. They are calculated to roughly equal your disposable income. You should anticipate not having much "extra" or "fun" money while you are making payments, but at the end of the agreed-upon term, the remainder of your debt will be wiped away.

Most people find that this results in a substantial reduction in the amount they ultimately pay back. We will be there to help ensure that you will be getting a good deal. After the term of repayment ends, you will be free to start your debt-free life after bankruptcy.

Especially when you have high-quality legal representation, the process is not nearly as painful as you might be afraid it would be. Our skilled and seasoned attorney will be there to represent and advocate for you at every step, from your filing, through the required meeting with your creditors, until you have the most favorable possible final order.

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Blossom Law PLLC is committed to helping people achieve freedom from debt through bankruptcy. Our experienced lawyer will guide you through the entire process as quickly and easily as possible. Call 704-256-7766 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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