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Charlotte Consumer Law Firm Announces Winner of the Blossom Law Caregiver Scholarship

Fall 2023 Blossom Law Caregiver Scholarship

Highly respected in the legal community, Blossom Law offers a $1,000 scholarship to an undergrad or graduate student who has served or is a caregiver for a loved one. Few jobs are more difficult than caring for a loved one in their time of need. Tending to the needs and concerns of another person is a selfless act deeply rooted in compassion. We could not be more delighted to provide financial assistance to one student who rose to the occasion and stepped up for their family when he was needed most.

As such, Blossom Law proudly announces that Tydearian Cocroft, a graduate student pursuing an MBA, has been named the Blossom Law Caregiver Scholarship winner for the Fall 2023 semester. When Tydearian’s sister was sent to prison, her son, Tydearian’s nephew, was left without a mother. Tydearian watched in agony as his own mother struggled to provide for the family and take care of his nine-year-old nephew. Instead of leaving his family behind, Tydearian acted selflessly, including taking in his nephew to live with him in Washington, DC.

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