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Debt has a way of sneaking up on you and taking over your life. Even if you have played all your cards right, an unexpected job loss or medical expense can leave you owing more than you can reasonably pay back. Credit card debt can rapidly accumulate even if you are making monthly payments. Small businesses may need loans they are not able to pay back on schedule. It is very easy to get yourself into insurmountable debt. Fortunately, most types of debts can be discharged through bankruptcy.

Blossom Law PLLC has set many others on the path to a fresh start using bankruptcy, and we can help you too. You may have options on which type of bankruptcy you may file. Our lawyer will assess your personal financial situation to help you determine which path to a debt-free life is right for you. The process is likely not as difficult or as painful as you may think.

Huntersville Lawyer for Quick Relief From Most Debt

If you are facing enforcement actions by creditors, filing for bankruptcy will put a quick stop to these and other collection efforts. You may have options for avoiding collections efforts in the long term.

While most student loans unfortunately cannot be wiped away during bankruptcy, most other debts can. You may be able to discharge debts like:

Blossom Law PLLC is committed to helping people find relief from as much debt as possible.

Law Firm in Huntersville for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy does involve liquidation (selling your assets to pay off creditors), but you might be allowed to keep much more than you expect. North Carolina state law leaves some types of property exempt from liquidation. Many people will be able to keep equity in their home and car, as well as retirement accounts, a certain amount of personal property, and items needed for work.

Blossom Law PLLC will be there to protect as much of your property as possible.

Attorney for Small Business Bankruptcy

It is possible for your company to survive a bankruptcy if that is your goal. As with personal bankruptcy, you will have options for how to go about filing. Our attorney is experienced in successfully helping small business owners through the bankruptcy process. Whether you plan to keep your business open and work toward recovering it or to close and settle debts through bankruptcy, our attorney will strive to achieve your goals.

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Blossom Law PLLC is skilled at helping people find a new debt-free life through bankruptcy. We know how easy it can be to get into debt and how hard it is to get out. Contact us online or call 704-256-7766 to get started with a free consultation.

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