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It has been said that owning a home is the backbone of the family. Despite recent setbacks in property values, homeownership continues to be the single greatest way for a working-class family to build long-term financial stability. Losing a house to foreclosure can disrupt the foundation of the family.

If you are facing foreclosure of your home in the Charlotte metropolitan area, you can rely on a foreclosure lawyer at Blossom Law PLLC to help.

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Can I Save My House After Foreclosure Starts?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Filing for bankruptcy to eliminate or restructure your other debt will place an automatic stay (stop) on all collections actions your lender has started against you. For debt relief and mortgage defense services, I offer reasonable fees based on fair retainer and honest billing policies.

How Can Blossom Law PLLC Help?

I want to help people avoid the worst consequences of debt problems. Trying to fight against a national bank or mortgage lender with their lawyer is almost impossible without qualified, experienced legal help on your side. I offer free initial consultations to review your circumstances, and I can work with you to find options for helping you remain in your home.

Through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, working out an arrangement with the bank, or helping you with other strategies, I can often find ways to help keep your family where it belongs — in your own home.

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Fighting Foreclosure With Bankruptcy

Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy put what is called an “automatic stay” on home foreclosure and other financial proceedings. This means that the moment you file for bankruptcy, all creditors, lenders, debt collectors, and other parties must stop any further actions. This includes trying to contact you. While this stay is not permanent, it can provide temporary relief to get your finances in order.

Chapter 7 and Foreclosure

Chapter 7 can discharge almost all debt. However, there are certain exceptions to this, and this includes nonexempt debt. What this means if a part of your home mortgage is nonexempt debt, that means the lender could still foreclose on your property. Every situation is different, so it is very important to consult with a skilled bankruptcy lawyer.

Chapter 13 and Foreclosure

Chapter 13 does not discharge all debt. Instead, it gives a person the opportunity to organize their debt into a three to a five-year repayment plan. For most people, this means they can keep their homes. Again, every situation is unique, and you should take this as general information. For actual legal advice, talk to a bankruptcy attorney.

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Serving Mecklenburg County & All of North Carolina

I am Attorney Rashad Blossom. I am the son of working-class parents who did everything they could to keep a roof over our heads. Perhaps like you, there were times when my parents had to make the tough choice between paying the mortgage or keeping the credit card companies off their backs. Losing our house to foreclosure would have been devastating to us.

For many years, I worked at big law firms. However, I decided that I wanted better access to help people who really needed it. That is why I opened Blossom Law PLLC. A major part of my legal practice is focused on bankruptcy and mortgages. If you and your family are facing foreclose or losing your home, it is imperative that you seek my legal counsel as soon as possible.

Get a Free Consultation at Blossom Law PLLC

I encourage you to reach out to me online as soon as possible to discuss your mortgage options during a free initial consultation. From offices in Charlotte, I represent individuals and families in communities throughout Mecklenburg County and the surrounding counties.

Contact Blossom Law PLLC online or call 704-256-7766 to request a free case evaluation with a foreclosure lawyer in Charlotte. Our services are available in Spanish!

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