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Spring 2024 The Blossom Law Caregiver Scholarship Winner

Courtney M. Watts

Courtney’s moving essay about her experience balancing her educational pursuits with caregiving is a true testament to her exceptional grit and character. We could not be more proud of Courtney and cannot wait to see all she accomplishes.

Courtney M. Watts

Read Courtney’s Essay:

A Journey Shaped by Caring, and Aspirations Driven by Needed Change

As a young woman stepping into adulthood, I, Courtney Watts, have already learned many life lessons that I believe will guide my future journey. Among my extraordinary experiences, there is one that stands out, one that has redefined my person and recolored my aspirations. I, along with my family, became the primary caregiver of my grandmother. Shouldering these responsibilities has not only brought me closer to understanding the complexity of human life and emotions but also shaped my ultimate ambition - to become a doctor committed to making healthcare accessible to everyone.

Education has always been my sanctuary. With a 4.0 GPA, I am proud to be a rising freshman at North Carolina A&T State University where I will major in Biological Engineering. This academic achievement, however, is intertwined with the rhythm of providing care for my granny who relies on someone for her daily needs. Navigating between the complexities of academia and the tenderness of caregiving, my life takes the shape of a unique blend of science and humanity.

Granny requires more than just physical assistance. There is the task of providing physical assistance, emotional support and social encouragement while also ensuring her life is filled with the laughter and joy inherent to her age. Days are packed with making meals, managing tantrums, organizing mind games, and more, all while managing my studies. This plethora of responsibilities has instilled in me an unmatched blend of patience, resilience, and empathy. More importantly, I discovered an innate capacity to understand and respond to the subtle cues of another human being’s physical and emotional needs.

This newfound proficiency couldn’t have exhibited itself more brightly than when assisting granny with a severe bout of dementia. As I held her, read to her, and gently eased her stress, it dawned on me how much our healthcare system falls short for seniors like granny. The doctors are competent, but the emotional sensitivity and personal touch necessary for senior care are often lacking. This realization steered my future career goals towards medicine.

Embracing caregiving’s challenges at such an early age has broadened my perspective beyond my years. As an African American woman, I have seen first-hand the inequality that pervades society - from education to healthcare. I am passionate about redefining these systems, especially the healthcare sector where I plan to leave an incredible mark.

While my major in Biological Engineering may seem inappropriate with my medical aspirations, I see as a powerful tool that will allow me to combine technological advancements and medical breakthroughs. My dream is to drive affordable, efficacious and empathetic healthcare, especially for seniors who are often excluded from spaces of power and decision making.

In conclusion, I am not just applying for The Blossom Law Caregiver Scholarship for financial support. I seek it as recognition of my caregiving journey - one that I embrace wholeheartedly. This scholarship will not only facilitate my academic pursuits but also provide the encouragement needed to continue juggling between my caregiver duties and academic responsibilities. Navigating the seas of both personal experiences and academic success, I am confidant in my abilities to bring reform in healthcare, providing nurturing and healing not just as a caregiver, but ultimately as a doctor. Thank you for considering my application for The Blossom Law Caregiver Scholarship

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